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In An Exploration Of Confidence & Sensuality 

You do not need to be anything but yourself but as I am looking to be able to demonstrate a diverse range of people identifying as women in this project I will need to select applicants carefully. If you have been chosen you will be contacted to start a short consultation. 

Previous clients and models are welcome to apply.


You do not necessarily need to be undressed in these images, this is more about addressing personality and individuality in conjunction with sexuality than it is about taking a group of pictures of women in their knickers, 


During your consultation I'll just check your understanding of the project and shoot and talk to you about any ideas I have for your images, if we are both still happy to proceed I'll book in about an hour to come to see you and take your pictures. 


In your session I'll take one image of you in your home when I arrive and then give you some time to change and we will take the images again when you feel confident and 'sexy.'

A woman eats a cherry seductively

Let's Get Started

Level of acceptable nudity

Thanks for submitting!

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