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Sudipto's Gaye Holud

It was such an honour to be able to cover this event for Sudipto and his family and share in the rich tradition and ceremony. 

The Gaye Holud is a Bengali wedding tradition, typically taking place a few days or in the days before the wedding ceremony. This can be with both bride and groom or in this case bride and groom were in their own family homes celebrating with each of their families. Members of the family and close friends gathered for this auspicious occasion to give blessings and celebrate by (amongst other things) put a paste made from tumeric onto the groom eat, drink and be merry! The turmeric is thought to have both medical and cosmetic benefit helping the bride and groom to 'glow' 

I was absoubtly thrilled to take part in an event so rich in culture and it was a pleasure to see each special blessing given by friends and family to Sudipto. Here's a small selection of the over 250 images I sent to the family after a 2 hour shoot!! 

And while I don't claim to be any such expert in film making I also made a complimentary video for my client on this event which you can watch below. 


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