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Join me every month while I dive into sessions, show examples of my work in more detail and give advice to other aspiring boudoir photographers on my blog.  What can you hope to achieve reading this blog? 

An inside look into creative sessions

Each month I try to experiment with at least one session, these are discounted sessions for clients who are happy to share images and if you'd like to be considered for a creative session please do subscribe for updates. These creative sessions usually create amazingly different photographs unlike most boudoir photographers in the UK and I am always striving for a uniqueness that aligns with my clients personality and individuality. 

More in-depth full sessions 

I also show more in-depth shoots from parties, cake smashes and engagements among other on location and studio portrait sessions for those wishing to see a more in depth look at how their shoots may look and what I can achieve. 

Studio Boundaries

The blog is also where you may wish to read my studio boundaries for Boudoir sessions, these boundaries differ from studio to studio and I want to be upfront about these before you enquire incase you are looking to create images with a partner or video footage etc. 

Some tips and tricks I've picked up 

I love everything about photography, I definitely identify as a bit of a photography nerd! As I buy new kit and experiment I hope to pass on some of the lessons I learn to other photography nerds! 

High Key Bright Bridal Boudoir

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Location for Bridal Boudoir

Choosing a location for your bridal boudoir session can be difficult but let me take the pressure off, I have collated a list of fabulous locations in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, if you're further afield I would be happy to find the perfect location that you we can use for your shoot including hotels, air BNBs and even styled homes.

On site locations can be lux, dark, moody, light and airy or alternative and this choice is really based on your personal preference for the shoot.

You can also choose to attend my Fleet, Hampshire based home studio, my studio is purpose built log cabin in my garden and is lovely and cosy, there are plenty of options for sets for a bridal boudoir shoot depending on your personal preferences.

Today I wanted to talk about a set that works in both a studio setting and in any hotel or air BNB and that is a classic white bed. In my opinion this is the most classic, timeless and versatile set for brides as it offers an opportunity for you to keep it classy. Most of my brides end up showing their friends and family some of their images and choosing this classic set as one of yours can mean beautiful PG images that you'll be so excited to share!

Zoe Croft Actress in a white bed with a white shirt

Hair & Makeup

I can't tell you how much I value the service of my glam squad for not only living my clients confidence with jaw dropping makeovers but also their incredible ability to build confidence with their warm personalities.

This is Zoe when she came in for her shoot and one during her shoot, the transformation is undoubtedly gorgeous but I truly believe that the most empowering and beautiful thing about us is our confidence.

My makeup artist is Stephanie Warren, Stephanie is an experienced bridal and special occasion makeup artist who creates makeovers that truly are unique to each client while maintaining a soft beautiful look that lets the woman underneath show through.

I also work with Envy Hair, Danielle is an expert in all things hair, she actually does my hair! She's created all sorts of styles for my clients from loose up-dos to soft waves and blow outs.

A before and after makeover image of Zoe Croft Actress at Warbrook House


Choosing wardrobe can either be a total joy or another hassle for you and I'm happy to shop for you for a fee or I'd be happy to have a chat about what would work for your set and help supplement your outfits from my client wardrobe.

My client wardrobe has lots of lovely things like long swish robes, feathers, wings, fans, slips and sheer dresses but doesn't include any underwear.

If you opt for a wardrobe box we will discuss all the options and prices on your consultation and I charge a 30% shopping fee.

A cat brant photography branded wardrobe box


I think one of the things my clients are most worried about (not just for Boudoir, this is for everything!) is how to pose, and this is where you'll need to trust me. I will physically show you, verbally adjust you and even sometimes show you reference photos so there will never be a 'I don't know what to do with my hands' moment. And if you ever do you can shout 'BUT WHAT SHALL I DO WITH MY HANDS!' and I'll be right there.

I have worked with women of different ages, sizes and shapes and can assure you I know what will work best for you to bring out your most confident, sensual and powerful side and produce the most incredible show stopping images.

Zoe Croft, a red head in a bridal boudoir set, wearing a mens white shirt moves shirt up shoulder


There are so many nuances when it comes to individual sexuality and sensuality and each woman I meet is different, some smile and giggle some smoulder and stare, some are a mixture of the two but the important thing is to think about your sexy, are you flirty or fierce? I'll ask and you can tell me what you feel comfortable doing!

If you feel comfortable having a good laugh, I'll find poses that work for you like this one of Zoe under the covers!

Zoe Croft in white with a garter and white sheer dress under a sheet

Here are a selection of images of Zoe's first set, in bed with a white mens shirt on.

Want to see some more from Zoe's set? Stay tuned for updates by subscribing on the boudoir page!

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