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Join me every month while I dive into sessions, show examples of my work in more detail and give advice to other aspiring boudoir photographers on my blog.  What can you hope to achieve reading this blog? 

An inside look into creative sessions

Each month I try to experiment with at least one session, these are discounted sessions for clients who are happy to share images and if you'd like to be considered for a creative session please do subscribe for updates. These creative sessions usually create amazingly different photographs unlike most boudoir photographers in the UK and I am always striving for a uniqueness that aligns with my clients personality and individuality. 

More in-depth full sessions 

I also show more in-depth shoots from parties, cake smashes and engagements among other on location and studio portrait sessions for those wishing to see a more in depth look at how their shoots may look and what I can achieve. 

Studio Boundaries

The blog is also where you may wish to read my studio boundaries for Boudoir sessions, these boundaries differ from studio to studio and I want to be upfront about these before you enquire incase you are looking to create images with a partner or video footage etc. 

Some tips and tricks I've picked up 

I love everything about photography, I definitely identify as a bit of a photography nerd! As I buy new kit and experiment I hope to pass on some of the lessons I learn to other photography nerds! 

Mothers Day Mini Photoshoots - February Long Grass Sessions in Fleet, Hampshire


We celebrated Mothers Day in 2024 with a special photoshoot amongst the first of the spring grass at Fleet Pond. This was a shoot aimed at celebrating mothers and mother figures but was suitable for anybody and there was an option to pay for additional slots for additional adults.

Family photo amongst the long grass in Fleet Hampshire

Why outdoors for the mini photoshoots this year?

I believe we are at our best in nature- with our hands on the earth or breathing in that lovely fresh air. Kids are invigorated, there's room to roam, run and play and grown ups can relax in a safe space where energy can be poured out instead of bottled up.

Last year I had families in my studio in Fleet, Hampshire but often kids were being bribed = smiles in exchange for playing in my garden and I just wanted to flip that, kids should be smiling because they're playing- not forcing a smile so that they can.

The short walk between the carpark and the field for this shoot gave kids a few minutes to get to know me- without a camera in my hands and a little minute to burn off some steam. I set up a tarpaulin and a blanket in the field for a dry seat amongst the straw if kids were inclined to give their Mum's a cuddle!

We threw kids in the air, tickled, danced, ran, chased and span and the smiles we have captured are REAL, these moments don't last that long and I want you to hold memories forever.

What if it rains on my mini session outdoors?

I was monitoring the weather all week in the lead up to these minis' to assess if we should reschedule or go ahead. Thankfully we had a great day scheduled but this is England and of course I arrived in the field to ice, then sun, direct overhead sun, overcast, light showers a rainbow and even some heavy rain for 10 minutes. But of course that means almost every shoot was different! Everyone got incredible photos and I work with flash (even outside.)

If it had been forecast to rain all day, I would have had to reschedule and I had left the following two Saturday's free in my diary just incase.

I took a pop up gazebo to the field incase of any showers I could still photograph and this was really handy for this one in February and I'll do that again next year. Spring and Summer mini's will be easier with the weather!

The feedback was great!

I am so pleased that everyone loved their photos because I love them and their photos too!

These pictures are a complete testament to @catbrantphotographywho has the patience of a saint and photography skills beyond my belief. Both of these shoots, although A LOT of fun, have had the challenges that a toddler throws it’s way but the results … oh wow. Cherished memories and adored photos to cover my family’s walls in. Thank you again 🤍


I had some Mother’s Day photos done with Cat & they came out so beautifully, we can’t wait to book some family ones! I couldn’t recommend her enough. Photos I will treasure forever!

Do you want to book a mini?

Want to be first to hear about mini shoots moving forward? Follow me on instagram and watch my stories or subscribe to my mailing list here!

Details for this session specifically

£49 session fee includes:

  • Starts from from Fleet Pond Car Park

  • 6 minute walk to the location

  • 10 minutes of shooting time

  • 3 images included

  • Option to purchase more if you like!

  • One adult per session, unlimited children!

  • Additional adults to book additional slots

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