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Woman stands in white underwear at a balcony in a hotel
A woman in red stands with a lolly in her mouth
A woman in white underwear holds a rose to the camera

I had a boudoir shoot with Cat and to say I’m in love with the pictures is an understatement! 😍 She made me feel so comfortable and talked me through the whole thing as I didn’t know how to pose at all! Would 100% recommend!!!!

- Sy

Images that will not only celebrate your beauty but also boost your self-esteem, ignite confidence and transform how you see yourself.

I provide a modern luxury boudoir service for all women. Sensuality is unique so why should images that tell that story be the same? My service is boutique to each woman. It's so simple to get started, 

1. Book a call 

We will chat about

- what you want to achieve, that could be: provide an album as a gift to a spouse, use images on a paid subscription site, in a modelling portfolio or as a celebration of yourself, for yourself. 

- how you want to feel about your images 

- how spicy (sexy) you want your images to be

2. Pay a deposit and sign a contract 

- I'll set up a shared Pinterest board for us both to share our ideas, or if you want me to take control of the aesthetic that's ok too! 

3. Come and be pampered

- Get your hair and makeup done on location with my pro (all female) team

- Browse my client wardrobe

Trust me to help transform you into the goddess you are!

Need some inspiration to get you going? Check out my portfolio. 

on location
Black and white image of a girl on a staircase in white underwear

On Location Boudoir

- A Hotel room for an overnight stay

- Professional make up 

- Hair styling 

- A three hour shoot with a mid shoot break for snacks and drinks

- 20-35 images included 

- A bunch of your favourite flowers to shoot with

- A 20x20 hard back album 

Only £1100

Redhead lays down in studio

What is Boudoir & who is it for? 

The actual word “boudoir” is French and refers to a woman's private room or bedroom. This word has been adopted by many photographers to describe a sensual style of photography that is often shot in bedrooms or on beds and where the subject is in underwear. 

Who books a boudoir session? 

- Women who have reached a life milestone and wish to celebrate themselves

- Women wanting to treat themselves or boost their self confidence 

- Brides to be hoping to give their partners a very special gift 

- Women hoping to celebrate their body due to intentional weight loss or who are about to undergo a change such as surgery. 

- Women who just fancy doing it for themselves!

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A black and white image of a girl laughing in a bed

What will I wear?!

All sessions include access to my client wardrobe, this includes silky robes and net covers but underwear and bodysuits should be brought to the session from your own wardrobe. During your consultation we will talk about if you want your images to be light and airy or dark and sultry and I'll give some suggestions as to what underwear or outfits would work. 

If you are really struggling with what to wear I am always happy to discuss shopping on your behalf or using items from my client wardrobe. 

What extras do I need to consider?

My session fees include makeup because I believe that the glam time not only makes your photos even more gorgeous but gives you a bit of time to unwind when you arrive. And you deserve the self care.

I also have contacts with a lovely hairdresser if you fancy a fresh blow dry, this is included in an on location shoot but is extra with a studio session. 

Sometimes Seductive, Sometimes Sensual, Always Tasteful

My Boudoir sessions are designed to be suggestive and seductive but I won't push you to do anything you don't feel 100% comfortable doing. Most of my sessions include some removal of layers and you can be photographed as undressed as you feel comfortable with. I won't ask you to remove anything you don't want to.

Read the blog

I want to do this but I'm terrified!

I understand! Most women feel apprehensive about such an intimate service but I guarantee this will be the most empowering thing you do this year and you deserve to feel this good about yourself. 


How do I help my clients to relax:

- We start with an in person or zoom consultation, it's important you see me and get to know me a little before you come and meet me for your session! 

- We will start sessions with a chat and a glass of Prosecco (if you want one!) so I can talk you through what will happen and give you some posing tips to start out 

- Then we spend a little bit of time covered and take off layers when you feel more comfortable

- We will only move to advanced poses at the end of the session and I will personally show you how to pose, show you photo examples and direct you. You'll need to put some trust in me! 

- Galleries are totally private and password protected 

Every woman deserves to feel the transformative power of a boudoir photoshoot! 

'I would love to do a boudoir shoot, but I wouldn't look good!' is the most common objection I hear. 


Every body is worthy of self love and expression and I am so confident that you will be totally in love with yourself and your new photos that I'll completely refund you if you aren't. 





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