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Join me every month while I dive into sessions, show examples of my work in more detail and give advice to other aspiring boudoir photographers on my blog.  What can you hope to achieve reading this blog? 

An inside look into creative sessions

Each month I try to experiment with at least one session, these are discounted sessions for clients who are happy to share images and if you'd like to be considered for a creative session please do subscribe for updates. These creative sessions usually create amazingly different photographs unlike most boudoir photographers in the UK and I am always striving for a uniqueness that aligns with my clients personality and individuality. 

More in-depth full sessions 

I also show more in-depth shoots from parties, cake smashes and engagements among other on location and studio portrait sessions for those wishing to see a more in depth look at how their shoots may look and what I can achieve. 

Studio Boundaries

The blog is also where you may wish to read my studio boundaries for Boudoir sessions, these boundaries differ from studio to studio and I want to be upfront about these before you enquire incase you are looking to create images with a partner or video footage etc. 

Some tips and tricks I've picked up 

I love everything about photography, I definitely identify as a bit of a photography nerd! As I buy new kit and experiment I hope to pass on some of the lessons I learn to other photography nerds! 

Outdoor Maternity Session- On A Rainy Grey Day!

England in winter can be so grey, flat and soggy and this was a day just like the others. But Danielle and I were keen to get outdoors for her session and we decided to brave the weather and see what magic we could create.

We took these photos in Farnham Surrey and my other locations for these shoots include Fleet, Ewshot and Virginia Water

There's actually a lot to love about flat light in the UK, for one it's incredibly flattering and also allows for shooting in any direction so we could work around this lovely autumnal tree without being plagued by the sun. February days are rainy but also- windy! And I love wind for photos, I get excited! I have a fan in the studio because I just love that movement you can see the dress in the wind in that photo of her under the tree here:

Maternity Photo Gray Day

What if it rains on my photoshoot?

Rain is slightly more difficult (especially when you're stood in a floaty chiffon dress!) so we were in and out of the umbrella ducking showers and staying warm. I brought my pop up changing tent so Danielle could get changed at the last minute and due to the length of the dress she could keep her PJ bottoms on underneath to stay warm.

If the rain was torrential we would have had to reschedule for the next available date as I wouldn't want anyone to be uncomfortably wet, especially when pregnant!

Here's a few under a little autumnal tree we found:

Thinking about your own maternity photoshoot session?

I stock several dresses for wear and this one is included- it's a size 10 but could be clipped up on larger and has gorgeous flowy details.

Click the link below to view more info on my maternity sessions including more information on what items I stock in my client wardrobe, some questions and answers and costings for this once in a lifetime shoot.

Can I bring my family to my maternity session?

Of course no outdoor maternity shoot would be complete without including your family! Danielle's partner and little girl also braved the rain for some lovely photos they will treasure forever.

If you'd like to include your family into your shoot you will need to opt for an outdoors session with me as my studio is quite cosy!

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