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Join me every month while I dive into sessions, show examples of my work in more detail and give advice to other aspiring boudoir photographers on my blog.  What can you hope to achieve reading this blog? 

An inside look into creative sessions

Each month I try to experiment with at least one session, these are discounted sessions for clients who are happy to share images and if you'd like to be considered for a creative session please do subscribe for updates. These creative sessions usually create amazingly different photographs unlike most boudoir photographers in the UK and I am always striving for a uniqueness that aligns with my clients personality and individuality. 

More in-depth full sessions 

I also show more in-depth shoots from parties, cake smashes and engagements among other on location and studio portrait sessions for those wishing to see a more in depth look at how their shoots may look and what I can achieve. 

Studio Boundaries

The blog is also where you may wish to read my studio boundaries for Boudoir sessions, these boundaries differ from studio to studio and I want to be upfront about these before you enquire incase you are looking to create images with a partner or video footage etc. 

Some tips and tricks I've picked up 

I love everything about photography, I definitely identify as a bit of a photography nerd! As I buy new kit and experiment I hope to pass on some of the lessons I learn to other photography nerds! 

Plus Size Women Deserve To Feel The Transformative Power Of Boudoir Too!

As a plus size woman myself I am so passionate about ensuring all women living in all bodies get to experience Boudoir. Jeanette self identifies as a plus size woman and capturing her in all her loveliness was a total dream.

In a world that doesn't appreciate the power and beauty of women who take up space boudoir is the perfect f**k you to society. A reminder to yourself that your body is amazing, sensual, beautiful and yours.


Classic Black Sample Pictures

I could talk until the cows come home about empowering plus size women but I'll let Jeanette tell you in her own words how she found the experience of a traditional boudoir shoot with hair and makeup.

The experience I had was incredible. I had my hair and make up done before the shoot and I was made to feel so special. Cat had already spoken to the hair stylist and make up artist about ideas for how to make me up and they spoke to me about these and we went from there. My hair was literally so gorgeous and my make up was so expertly put on. The make up I had done was quite literally the best make up someone has done on me ever. I felt so glam and ready to get changed into my outfit.
Being a plus sized person, I worried slightly about getting my body out on show but Cat put me at ease straight away. She’s so friendly and approachable and you feel like you’ve been friends with her for years. She knew exactly how to pose me to make me look just stunning (if I do say so myself). Being in my underwear was so empowering! I felt so good in my own skin. Pulling poses and expertly led by Cat, it was so much fun and I couldn’t wait to see the results.
And the results did not disappoint. My plus sized body looked just absolutely stunning. I love the curves that Cat captured and I am obsessed with my body now. The whole experience was so empowering and gave me so much confidence.

Makeup artist

Makeup is included in the cost of your studio or on site shoot, I work with Stephanie Warren Makeup who is incredible and more of her work can be seen on her website.

A few words about my in house makeup artist Stephanie. Stephanie is fully insured, adheres to strict hygiene standards and is qualified as a Guild Training International Accredited Teacher.

Stephanie's work spans many years and many happy brides, she has been working with me on photoshoots for a couple of months now and totally understands me and my clients.

Some of the many makeup and skincare brands that Stephanie uses include on Charlotte Tilbury, DIOR, Elemis, NARS, Laura Mercier, Natasha Denona, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Too Faced and more!

Wardrobe items for plus size clients

All of my shoots have access to my client wardrobe which includes a range of items that I feel are fabulous additions to a shoot, I recommend you bring your own underwear and outfits and use my client wardrobe to add to your shoot.

I hate it when I go to the spa and the robe doesn't fit all the way round me- businesses often don't think about catering to all bodies and I don't want to be that business, if you need something, I'll help you source it and purchase it ahead of your shoot to ensure you have the best possible time.

This is what I already have available to use in my client wardrobe for plus sizes. These items are all washed and steamed once used for sanitary reasons.



Yellow frilly PJ set


Red leopard print silk dress and robe set


​Black net robe with frill sleeves

One Size (up to 26)

​Pink Silk Robe with White fur cuffs


​Black slip dress



Black burlesque ostrich feather fans

One size

​White Ann Summers Wings

One Size

Body Jewellery

One Size

Stick on body jewels

Nipple size Small/Medium

Talking about insecurities

No one who comes in is free of insecurities, there are almost always parts of you that you want to highlight and others you wish to conceal, I am conscious of this during your session and will ask what side of you you prefer, if you want your hair in front or behind, if you want to cover your stomach or show it- whatever makes you feel confident.

We will discuss this during your consultation and then I'll ask again in your pre shoot questionnaire. Then we will talk about it again during your shoot so that I can ensure you are comfortable all the way through.

Accentuating your curves

I love bodies! Choosing a photographer who loves and respects women of all sizes is so important. I'll capture all the gorgeousness of your curves without the restrictions of conventional beauty standards. Seeing plus size bodies through my own personal lens of love and adoration you'll see that big beautiful bums, lovely round tummies & thick strong legs are things you can fall in love with too.

Adjustments I can make

My studio is based in my garden, there is free roadside parking outside and a few short steps to the front of the studio across some artificial grass. There is a small step onto the decking in front of the studio and then a small step into the studio from the decking.

There's nothing worse than being asked to sit on a flimsy little chair when you're worried it won't support you. I've been turfed off theme park rides and have had to ask to change seats at cafe's so I know first hand how something like this can really ruin your experience. There are no flimsy little chairs in the studio, and any chairs or props I do have can be swapped out for different poses.

I have an arsenal of pose ideas for all my clients from sitting, laying, standing and perching. If you have any concerns, talk to me in your consultation time about how I can make the experience relaxing for you and if this means less furniture that's ok!

Have I missed anything? Let's talk about your experience!

Love Cat

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