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Join me every month while I dive into sessions, show examples of my work in more detail and give advice to other aspiring boudoir photographers on my blog.  What can you hope to achieve reading this blog? 

An inside look into creative sessions

Each month I try to experiment with at least one session, these are discounted sessions for clients who are happy to share images and if you'd like to be considered for a creative session please do subscribe for updates. These creative sessions usually create amazingly different photographs unlike most boudoir photographers in the UK and I am always striving for a uniqueness that aligns with my clients personality and individuality. 

More in-depth full sessions 

I also show more in-depth shoots from parties, cake smashes and engagements among other on location and studio portrait sessions for those wishing to see a more in depth look at how their shoots may look and what I can achieve. 

Studio Boundaries

The blog is also where you may wish to read my studio boundaries for Boudoir sessions, these boundaries differ from studio to studio and I want to be upfront about these before you enquire incase you are looking to create images with a partner or video footage etc. 

Some tips and tricks I've picked up 

I love everything about photography, I definitely identify as a bit of a photography nerd! As I buy new kit and experiment I hope to pass on some of the lessons I learn to other photography nerds! 

Studio Rules & Boundaries For Boudoir Sessions

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Studio Boundaries

This is a fun, safe and exploratory space for women! I am happy to work with you to provide an experience that is perfectly aligned with your goals.

Can Do's

- Topless

- Water play, food play- anything messy!

- BDSM accessories- whips, chains, ropes etc are allowed

- Pin ups (clothed) to Nudes (completely nude)

Can't Dos

- I don't make soft or hard core porn so - no insertions.

- Use or involvement of sex toys- again, no porn.

- No male partners

- No video footage

- No close up shots of under knicker areas

- Complete copies of another photographers work- inspiration is fine

I have a specific idea for a theme!

A few of my clients have come to me with a seed of an idea that I have planted and worked with to create the perfect images for the individual. Want to incorporate a favourite accessory, bring your pet snake or wear a gag? I don't Yuk your Yum, talk to me about what you want to photograph and we can talk about how I can help in a completely non judgmental environment.

My partner likes it when I...

If you are buying images as a gift for a partner I guarantee they'll love them, whatever you do! But if your partner likes you wet, in his top, wearing a nightie or when you pull a certain face talk to me and we can incorporate a few as an extra special nod to him or her.

Can you take pictures of me naked in my boudoir session?

All of my boudoir shoots apart from the mini monthly sessions have the option for nudity. I tend to see my style as more 'art' than overt so think carefully positioned legs, arms and creative poses. Topless is fairly standard and a lot of my clients opt for at least a couple of topless shots. This session is your own and is highly personalised to your unique needs and desires so we can discuss this in your consultation.

What is a Spice Meter?

My Mum said 'Spice Meter' doesn't make sense but to me *spicy* is a commonly used phrase!! So just incase you don't understand what Spice is in terms of sexiness what I mean is that I'd like to set your boundaries and rate the intended raunchiness factor for your images. For example 1 would be clothed, smiling. 10 is full nude, dripping, sensual.

Can I bring my partner?

First things first, this is a women's only experience, partners I'm afraid need to stay at home. Nothing personal, it just makes for a more empowering experience for my clients and a more comfortable one for me.

However, if you are feeling particularly nervous and would like to bring a friend that's ok! Bare in mind that the studio setting is a small log cabin and there isn't a lot of room but I can make a seat up for your friend. Your friend has the option of being either silent or insanely flattering, any negativity at all is not allowed in my space and guests will be ejected for anything that may kill your buzz.

Can my partner be in any of my images?

My service currently only caters to folk identifying as women, same sex female couples are welcome but any heterosexual couples I'm afraid I can't accept at this time.

Will you share my images?

Unless you have come to my studio as a model and signed a model release form I will not share a single image, my clients privacy and peace of mind is my top priority. As a woman myself I know how scary it can be letting someone else have access to personal images of you and I take this promise very seriously.

What happens to my personal images after the shoot?

You will be sent a password protected online gallery with a link personal to you, you can use this to share with a partner, download images to a safe place and also download smaller images to a mobile device if you want. After 3 months your gallery will expire and I will remove the images completely from my system so there will not be an opportunity to retrieve them. It is therefor very important that you print or save your images when you receive them- you're going to want to keep the images from your boudoir session for the rest of your life!!!

Can we take any video footage?

In short, no. I am an expert when it comes to posing women for still images in my boudoir sessions but I'm afraid video isn't my specialty. Additionally- there's a fine line with very spicy boudoir and video footage can easily push your shoot into a soft core movie.

Can I share my images on my only fans page?

Yes! I love working with all women and I'd be thrilled to support more self employed women.

Can I have commercial release for these images?

If you are planning on releasing any images from your shoot commercially (to newspapers, magazines, online blogs etc) there is an additional fee per image and we will need to have a chat about this on your consultation call.

I live out side of Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire & London- can I book a shoot?

Yes! I charge £50 per hour travel so if you are hoping to book an on location shoot we can talk about how far I'd need to travel for your shoot and how much extra I would need to charge for that.,

A blonde licks a red cherry with red lipstick on a white bed in a boudoir session

Now you've read all this, the best thing to do is jump on a phone call with me so we can chat about it in more detail.

Get in touch on my contact me page and I'll answer all the questions!

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